Mary Mary Quite Contrary - Does Your Garden Grow?

I Started this Blog because I have just begun to learn how to grow plants from seeds and I am hoping to get some good advice from experienced growers on how to keep my plants alive.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Whopper Banana Peppers

Whopper Banana Peppers, these should be fun to grow:


These are Early Girl Tomatoes, I'm supposed to take out all but one, the healthiest looking plant, but I sure hate to do that. I wonder if I can divide up the planting tubes so I can save them all?


This is a variety of cacti, they all look alike right now, it is kind of exciting wondering what they will become:

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Ornamental Pepper Plants

This are doing quite well too:


This is coleus and it came up very quickly and has begun to grow its first two true leaves and I am wondering the same as the spinach if it is better to grow individually in peat pots until mature and then tranplant into larger containers or put them in a container now.

Malabar Spinach Red Stem

This plant is called Malabar Spinach Red Stem, it was very easy to grow so far, it came up in a matter of days and has a very thick and heavy stem and huge leaves.

I want to plant it in a container and keep wondering if it is best to go ahead and put each plant individually in a peat pot until it is a real plant or go ahead and put several in a large pot to grow right now.

It is supposed to look like this when mature:

It is an edible plant that tastes like spinach but really isn't spinach.

Any advice that would help me make my plants look like the one in the second picture would be greatly appreciated.