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Sunday, October 28, 2007

My New "GROW" Room

I had so many plants I wanted to keep this year we decided to take the old room of one of my grown kids and use it for a "grow" room. It has a southern window and I used it last winter to start my plants.

We cleaned it all out and painted it with a 98% reflectivity white roofing paint which I had read on a "Cannabas" blog was a good paint for a growing room for marijuana, so figured it would work for any plants.

We used metal shelving that I had from last year and put up some white wall shelves.

We put in a small ceiling fan for good circulation and used a three bulb fixture with high wattage fluorescent bulbs. We used 23 watt which is equivelant to 100 watt regular bulbs, so it looks like 300 watts. It is now a very bright room.

This is what it looks like empty:


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